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A Certificate and credentials issuance and management application built on the blockchain infrastructure.

If you’re a University, College, Training Institute, Private Organisation and you would like to issue digitally signed certificates on the Blockchain, then this is the Dapp
for you!


A payslip issuance and management application built on the blockchain infrastructure.

If you’re a small team, or medium sized company or a large conglomerate, and you would like to issue digitally signed pay-slips/salary-slips on the Blockchain with your employees, then this is the Dapp for you!

Why should you engage on the Blockchain for these utilities?

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network infrastructure, where data is stored on the network in a append-only framework, with the data itself stored in a decentralized manner among the peers. The data is securely stored with cryptography and hashing functions, which when combined with the framework of blockchain rules out any unauthorized access and handling of data.

If the utility you currently have, involves multiple stakeholders, processes and workflow, with the final transacted entity is crucial to the recipient (like a graduation certificate, or a salary slip) which needs to be stored with the privacy of the recipient intact, and which needs to be secured from being forged or tampered with, or edited without the authorization of the issuing authority (your organization), then on-boarding your function on to the blockchain is the most reliable, viable and easiest solution.


Belfrics Group of Companies is blockchain-based conglomerate based in Malaysia. Belfrics is one among a handful of companies that have developed and built their own blockchain, which is now live and deployed, and is being considered as the technology carrier by government bodies and conglomerates for solutions from identity data harmonization to supply chain infrastructure, and smart governance infrastructure to healthcare infrastructure around the globe.



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